Kelli Lynn Grey is my pen name. The Grey Way chronicles my experiences as an Atlanta-based, neuro-divergent writer mom. I really just got started being myself at age 38—following the end of my 13-year marriage, the arrival of COVID, an advanced cancer diagnosis, and the realization that I grew up with a schizophrenic mother.

My early professional experience includes:

  • Working as a middle school teacher

  • Managing a global-facing steel percussion business

  • Collaborating with Peachtree NORML to create the column NORML Mom

  • Reading oracle cards in a crystal shop 

  • Interviewing bands for The Rome Unscene

  • Running a small-scale intentional community space with my then husband

  • Volunteering with Amnesty, UNICEF, Make-a-Wish, Common Ground Athens, Coosa River Basin Initiative, ACLU, and AMP Rome

  • Interning with the now-defunct independent publishing company Hill Street Press

More recently, my words have appeared within HealthlineMashableInside the Jar, and Eloquent Magazine while I freelanced with Wellstar Health System, Six Red Marbles, Verma Media, and Ohio Medical Alliance (home of Georgia Marijuana Card).

I once wrote a chapbook titled Harvest, and I’m currently working on full-length collection called Queen of Wands.

However, I’m finding my sweet spot contributing regularly to Medium, Georgia Center for Nonprofits, and Education Without Limits.

This newsletter gives you a chance to better connect with and support my work—both online and in-person (sometimes). It also functions as a doorway to the discovery of more authors and opportunities.

You’ll quickly see, the stuff I write isn’t exactly shiny.

As my penname implies, it’s grey, meaning that it doesn’t quite jive with a world that’s stuck in black and white thinking, or that believes sparkly band-aids are somehow more beautiful than the scars they hide.

I’m really into scars. And tears. And laughter. And, if you are too, I say let’s explore what it’s like to be grey together—with some insight into parenting, pot, poetry, professions, and politics gleaned along the way.

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